Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk

Program Outcomes

Studies show that after parents complete Hanen programs, their children:
  • interact & take turns more often

  • have larger vocabularies

  • use more multi-word sentences


Parents report:
  • improved family relationships


Parent Progress

Parent progress after completing Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk
  • Parents used their child's "target" words more frequently

  • They were more responsive and less directive

    • ​Being responsive means responding promptly, responding positively, responding in a way the child can understand and learn from, and talking about the child's interests without trying to get them interested in something else

  • They used slower, less complex language when speaking to their child


Child Progress

Child progress after completing Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk
  • Significant increase in vocabulary compared to control groups

  • More frequent turn-taking & interactions

  • Used more multi-word sentences

  • Used more speech sounds


Underlying Research

Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk is based on the following research findings. Studies show that a child's language skills improve when:
  • Parents are actively involved in their child's intervention. The earlier the intervention, the better the outcomes

  • Therapy is built into everyday life. A child's natural environment makes it easier to learn language and use it in new situations

  • Parents are responsive to their child's communication attempts



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