It Takes Two to Talk

I am the only speech pathologist in Pensacola and the surrounding area who is certified in Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk (ITTT). The program is intended for parents/caregivers of children with language delays. Rather than working directly with your child only 1-2 hours per week, my goal is to teach you (parents/caregivers) how to intentionally improve your child's language skills during your daily interactions. You know your child better than anyone else. You play a huge role in their development and can make an even greater difference when given the tools you need!


Hanen: ITTT is designed to systematically teach you strategies for building your child's vocabulary and improving their communication skills through SLP-led modeling and coaching. Participants practice strategies during each session, so they can confidently implement them at home. I will also conduct observations of parent/child interactions and provide feedback as needed. ITTT strategies are intended to be used during everyday routines, such as snack time, bath time, or play, which means you don't have to make more time in your busy schedule to fit them in. 

ITTT consists of 6-8 training sessions that are carried out in a group setting. Groups are small and personalized (4-8 families) and sessions are held once per week. Children do not attend teaching sessions, only parents/caregivers do. Participants will receive Hanen materials and direct coaching from a speech-language pathologist.

This program is offered via teletherapy; here's what you'll need:

  • It Takes Two to Talk parent guidebook (Pensacola locals can rent a copy from me for $10 or purchase your own copy here)

  • Computer/tablet

  • Webcam (your built-in webcam will do)

  • Good internet connection

  • Privacy (i.e. participating from home instead of a public place to ensure the privacy of other participants)

During group sessions, I ask that children remain in other rooms to limit noise and to allow you (and other participants) to focus on the content more easily. 

For additional information visit Hanen.org.

Available online for Florida residents. If you are located outside of the US, you may be able to participate depending on your country's teletherapy licensing requirements. Feel free to contact me and I will determine if you are able join the program.

Program Outcomes

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