Email Consulting

Learning how to support family members or clients using neurodiversity-aligned approaches can be overwhelming for parents and professionals. It may take time to learn how to identify pro-neurodiversity sources of information and how to differentiate them from ableist or misleading sources that use neurodiversity as a marketing gimmick. It's okay if you aren't sure where or how to find support, information, or resources that honor your family member's (or client's) neurodivergent way of being.


For many, it takes practice and experience to sort through the vast amount of online information and find resources that are truly beneficial. While you become familiar with the neurodiversity movement and are learning how to best support your family member or client, allow me to do the research for you! Based on your needs, I will track down neurodiversity-aligned information for you, provide guidance, or give feedback based on your current approaches. 

Email consulting is available for clients, parents, or professionals who:

  • prefer to communicate in writing

  • need research, resources, articles, etc. to better understand, support, or advocate for family members or clients

  • want to improve their understanding of neurodiversity-aligned therapy or at-home support

  • want feedback about current therapy practices and how to improve

  • and more

Consulting via Zoom is also available.