Individualized Support for Autistic Children

At Randall Therapy & Wellness, autistic children are not expected to suppress their traits or change who they are. Our individualized therapy sessions utilize the SCERTS framework (and any other pro-neurodiversity supports that may be needed). SCERTS focuses on social communication, emotional regulation, and transactional support (support strategies provided by caregivers or environmental modifications). These sessions are highly individualized based on the child's needs and are conducted in the clinic, home, school, and/or community settings. Ideally, all adults working closely with the child should work together as a team. Collaboration between the SLP, family, teachers, and other healthcare providers is preferred. As there is nothing wrong with being autistic, the child is not expected to change or conform to neurotypical expectations. Adults working with autistic children must be willing to "meet them halfway" and work to understand their ways of experiencing the world.

We also offer an orientation-style class to help parents and caregivers better understand the autistic experience and ways to support their family member (professionals welcome).


Autistic Mentorship

Autistic kids need autistic role models. Autistic kids sense they are different at a young age, and they need to connect with others that are like them to develop positive self-perceptions. Our mentorship program is NOT counseling or skilled therapy. It's a way for autistic kids to learn about autism, embrace their strengths, and accept their differences and challenges with the help of an autistic adult.

Autism Consulting

We offer consulting services for parents that have questions about autism, do not want direct therapy, or need help navigating therapy options and other ways to support their child. We believe that autism is diversity, not a tragedy or disease. We're here to guide parents toward this understanding so they can fully understand, accept, and support their child.

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