Individual & Group

Therapy for Aphasia

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by a stroke or other type of brain injury. It affects comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, but not intelligence. Although spontaneous recovery and progress in therapy are more rapid in the first 6 months following the brain injury, the ability to improve never stops due to the brain's neuroplasticity. 


Patients are often told that they have "plateaued" in therapy when the period of rapid, spontaneous recovery appears to come to an end, but I disagree. I believe there is no plateau in aphasia recovery, and there’s always room to improve. I conduct evaluations and provide both individual and group therapy sessions for people with aphasia.


Group therapy is beneficial for multiple reasons. Not only is it fun (no worksheets here), but a group setting allows people with aphasia to connect with others who are experiencing similar struggles in their lives. It also reinforces skills learned in individual sessions. Group therapy creates plenty of natural opportunities to practice communicating. Our groups have a relaxed feel, and clients participate at the level they feel comfortable with. Typical sessions consist of having conversations and reading books chosen by the group. Reading ability does not matter, as clients are given whatever level of support they need to be successful while their skills improve.


Individual sessions are customized based on client needs, goals, and interests. I work on functional skills that are relevant to the client's daily life. This time is also used to learn strategies that can be practiced during group sessions.

In addition to clinic-based sessions, we do community outings so clients can gain independence and improve their functional communication skills (for example, ordering food at a restaurant).

Available in-person for Pensacola locals.